The mission of the Aakar school of Nursing is to develop professional nurses who:
  • Promote Health
  • Care for the Suffering
  • Engage in the Scholarship of

    the Discipline

  • Invite the Spirit in to Health

    and Healing

  • Lead with Faith and Integrity
  • Mission
  • Provide a culture and environment which exemplifies and magnifies the Healer's art in all educational settings.
  • Ensure teaching excellence to prepare nurses and leaders, locally and globally, who provide evidence- based patient-centered care.
  • Engage in interprofessional relationships, c clinical partnerships to optimize student learning.
  • Promote a culture of scholarship and contribution to the discipline to enhance the profession and knowledge of nursing.
  • Create an environment supporting the school.

  • Vision
  • To achieve Health for all.
  • To achieve Restoration of Health to the


  • To render Service without causing harm.
  • To provide Health Care services to the


  • To provide Equitable Distribution of work.
  • To maintain Inter-personal Relationship.
  • To wish Wellness to the society.
  • To engage in lifelong Learning &

    Professional development of self & others.

  • Objectives Of the College