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About Our Sanstha


The Organisation was incorporated in the year 2005

The Organisation was incorporated in the year 2005 with the main objectives of providing quality education facilities to the needy people of Nagpur and surrounding areas. The members of the organization are well known of Vidarbha Region and having the various types of business and educational activities since so many years. All the members of the trust are highly and professionally qualified and working successfully in their respective field. However, as per the defined policy of the organization, all the members, with the modest intention of serving the talented and skilled students of Vidarbha Region, formed the trust in the year 2005.

The primary objectives of the organization are to implement Government Schemes for the welfare of rural and urban, economically backward students as well as the students from remote tribal area & Naxal affected area in Gadchiroli District to ensure their social, educational and financial development by giving them quality education.

To bring the boys from these area in the main stream by giving them specialised and professional education. Along with this trust has decided to establish and run Computer Training Centre to impart the computer education to the needy people of society. Alongwith this organisation has decided to start a traditional, professional and management college with the variety of educational activities with the Maharashtra Government sanction and impart quality education to the students of Gadchiroli & Rural Area of Gadchiroli District as well as the students coming from the different rural areas of Vidarbha region.

The said Sanstha is working in the Tribal area from the last 5 years for the betterment of the students with respect to education.

  • Basic Visionaries of the Sanstha